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Welcome to our blog/forum! We're dedicated to providing comprehensive information on sheet metal fabrication, including operations, processes, materials, hardware, machines, tools, and safety. Our goal is to offer a one-stop-shop for everything related to the sheet metal industry.

In addition to the information you will naturally find on the use of our online application for the creation of sheet metal developments, which we invite you to try, our blog/forum features a wide range of articles, from design tips to material selection, welding techniques, safety and health, industry news, events, and trade shows; and much more. Whether you're a workman, design professional, a supplier, a customer or the proud owner of a sheet metal workshop, we have something for you.

We invite you to contribute to our community by rating articles, leaving comments, answering, or adding information to existing posts, and sharing your knowledge. If you don't find a topic you're looking for, feel free to add your own article. Please note that you must be logged in to post in our forum.

Thank you for visiting, and we hope you find our blog/forum informative and useful.

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    Moravce, Gorenjska - si


I am pleased to announce that we have implemented several key improvements to our website to enhance the user experience and provide our visitors with the best possible content.

Pattern Tips And category descriptions:
One of these improvements is the addition of descriptive text and tips on our pattern pages. This is an important step in helping users select the appropriate pattern category and providing them with additional guidance for parameter input. By doing so, we are empowering our users to make informed decisions and have a more fulfilling experience on our website.

Longer blog/forum post:
Additionally, we have increased the text length for our blog and forum posts from 900 to 2000 characters. This allows us to provide more detailed and comprehensive content to our readers, ensuring that we are delivering the best possible value to them. Our readers can now enjoy more in-depth articles and forum discussions, making their time on our website more informative and engaging.

We are working to continuously improving our website and providing the best possible user experience for our visitors.

Thank you!

    Sentrupert, Dolenjska - si


Some reflections on this matter:

Users do not need a CAD platform, or can just have a very elementary CAD platform as, e.g., AutoCAD lite, to do some minimal additional drafting work to the parts. Usually, the DXF would be used to be loaded into a CAM cutter (laser, plasma, etc.), or be plotted 1 to 1 for manual cutting. No need to have costly 3D modeling programs.

The typical user would be the individual sheet metal workshop owner, or small to medium sheet metal workshops (who maybe are now doing this by hand or hiring a 3rd party for pattern drafting). Bigger workshops could have the 3D modeling program for complex jobs, while working with for the standard patterns.

As mentioned elsewhere on this forum and the website, we are still working on it; please note, that some of the features still need to be activated. Some front end to be improved too.
    Sentrupert, Dolenjska - si


Today a little bit about my dear LITIO and LITIO2 programs.

Although they do have quite some time, users love them and are still using them, and they are very content with these products. I frequently get users asking me to provide them with a backup due to computer change, their own backup failures and so on. These users are both individuals and both small and big sheet metal workshops. And still with good sales!

My programs (and now also my website) is not for complex 3D sheet metal fabrication. Yet, there are lots of uses for them: HVAC ductwork; exhaust and ventilation systems, Industrial piping, Industrial machinery and process equipment [silos, hoppers, tanks, cyclones, vessels, dust extraction, etc.], Cooking equipment, Conveyor systems, Grain handling equipment, Snow removal equipment, Waste management, etc.

Take the free trial and see by yourself!

    Moravce, Gorenjska - si

One user reported the pattern DXF file download did not open in his AutoCAD Mechanical 2013.

A possible solution we will be working on: other download formats, e.g., AutoCAD script files.

If you experience similar issues, please let us know.

Thank you!
    Portoroz, Primorska - si