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Traditionally, costly desktop software and CAD add-ons are used for sheet metal unfolding. However, our unfolding software is a (r)evolution in the field. This article explores its advantages over much pricier alternatives.

Advantages of SheetMetalPatternsOnlin ...
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Here are some more examples of things that can be done online:

Online file sharing allows you to send large files to others over the internet.

Online project management platforms can help you manage projects and collaborate with others remotely.

Virtual event hosting tools enable you ...
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There are lots of stuff you can do online now. Including your sheet metal patterns.

Let’s check (quite) some examples:

Online banking allows you to manage your bank accounts, transfer funds, and pay bills.

Grammar and spell-checking online tools can help you improve your writing by ...
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This is Jay!

I am a mechanical engineer with a post graduate course on occupational safety and health.

I started in the sheet metal industry back in 1995 working at a medium sheet metal workshop, mainly drawing developed patterns for ducts, vessels, tanks, etc. by hand!

I had programming cl ...
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Hi there!

after a successful ALFA testing, and after having corrected all found bugs, we are now running the BETA testing. All LITIO and LITIO2 users are kindly invited to join and work and create patterns.

All your comments are welcome! Please use the contact form, or send us an email. In the ...
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