- The story

The Online Pattern development unfolder tool for sheet metal fabrication!

How did you made your sheet metal pattern calculation today?

Do you need to manufacture sheet metal transitions, cones, pipes, leader & branches, Ys, bends, etc.?

So here I am, introducing you - the affordable, online sheet metal pattern unfolding solution that provides high value to everyone.

A little bit of history

Quite some years ago I started working at a small metal workshop. And my first task was to draw the templates for some hoppers

I started reading books and asking my dad, who had quite an experience on the subject. The company did not have any CAD program at the time and we had to do this by hand, on paper.

In an attempt to do this in automated manner, I started making my first sheet metal routine programming, which eventually lead to LITIO Sheet Metal software for AutoCAD. After some years I launched a more advanced version, which was LITIO2.

With time, I also created the GstarCAD, ZwCAD and BricsCAD versions of LITIO2 Sheet Metal.

Nevertheless, I kept receiving questions on the availability of LITIO software on other CAD platforms or other versions of the existing CAD platforms (as for example, LITIO2 not working in AutoCAD LT).

Users also had issues when upgrading their CAD platforms to new versions, while installing the software, when changing the computer to a new one, etc.

Present time

Considering the CAD platform availability above, and the fact that nowadays more and more software services are cloud based and online, I decided to get my LITIO sheet metal software online. advantages

  • CAD independent: you the CAD platform of your choice. And you can be CAD-free too: all patterns are calculated and drawn online. Just download the DXF of your pattern and work with it:
    • send it to a laser-cut supplier;
    • upload the file into your CAM cutting machine;
    • plot the file to scale for manual cutting.
  • Equipment independent: you can access SMPO on:
    • your computer;
    • a tablet;
    • your cellphone;
    • any device.
    • you only need your loggin name and user password.
  • Affordability: Some patterns are free for registered users; we have affordable license packages for you.

I hope tools can also help you!

Thank you for your attention!