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Compilation of typical uses of all kind of sheet metal parts

Hi, after finishing with the series of posts about typical uses of sheet metal parts, let’s summarize some of them:

Sheet metal…
cylinders and cones: for ducts, chimneys, vessels, tanks
transitions: to connect different sections of ductwork, piping, or other types of equipment; for hoppers, vessels, tanks, etc.
Ys and branches: to split a single flow of air, gas, or liquid into two or more separate flows
Elbows: to change the direction of airflow, gas, or liquid in ductwork and piping systems
augers (helixes): to move material through a pipe or duct. They are commonly used in conveyor systems, grain handling equipment, and industrial process equipment
spheres: pressure vessels, tanks, and reactors; spherical roofs
sheet metal profiles: Building construction, components in industrial equipment

More posts related with the sheet metal industry soon.
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