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Typical example uses of sheet metal augers (helixes)

A sheet metal auger is a spiral or helical shaped component that is used to move material through a pipe or duct. It is commonly used in conveyor systems, grain handling equipment, and industrial process equipment.

Some examples of common uses of sheet metal augers include:
1. Conveyor systems: to move materials such as grain, coal, or other bulk materials horizontally or vertically.
2. Grain handling equipment: in grain elevators and storage bins to move grain from one location to another.
3. Industrial process equipment: in industrial process equipment such as mixers, blenders, and dryers to move materials through the equipment.
4. Snow removal equipment: for snow blowers.
5. Waste management: to move refuse, sewage, and other materials through pipes and ducts.

They need to be designed to be durable and able to withstand the wear and tear of moving materials.
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