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About LITIO and LITIO2, the desktop predecessors of SheetMetalPatternsOnline


Today a little bit about my dear LITIO and LITIO2 programs.

Although they do have quite some time, users love them and are still using them, and they are very content with these products. I frequently get users asking me to provide them with a backup due to computer change, their own backup failures and so on. These users are both individuals and both small and big sheet metal workshops. And still with good sales!

My programs (and now also my website) is not for complex 3D sheet metal fabrication. Yet, there are lots of uses for them: HVAC ductwork; exhaust and ventilation systems, Industrial piping, Industrial machinery and process equipment [silos, hoppers, tanks, cyclones, vessels, dust extraction, etc.], Cooking equipment, Conveyor systems, Grain handling equipment, Snow removal equipment, Waste management, etc.

Take the free trial and see by yourself!

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