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my sheet metal history and background

This is Jay!

I am a mechanical engineer with a post graduate course on occupational safety and health.

I started in the sheet metal industry back in 1995 working at a medium sheet metal workshop, mainly drawing developed patterns for ducts, vessels, tanks, etc. by hand!

I had programming classes in high school and in university. So soon after leaving the forementioned job in 1998, I started writing my first lines of code to address the automation of the unfolded-pattern drafting.

After some trial and error I launched LITIO (v.1) back in 2004. Next I launched LITIO2 (2.0), which was an important interesting improvement (these both are AutoCAD add-ons; later I ported them into GstarCAD, BricsCAD and ZwCAD too).

Now the on-line version is available on this website.

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    Portoroz, Primorska - si

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