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Nice software! Thank you! Looking forward to more patterns!

Hi Sheet Metal Patterns Online team!

Nice to having found your website! I work in a small metal workshop in Argentina and I was looking for a easy to use, affordable sheet metal development tool!

I see you are still working on it and that it is the beta test stage. Nice job! I will be using the platform and will let you know, any issues I might find!

Also, I am looking forward to having available all the patterns that are still in the project stage!

Have a great day!

Andy S.
    CABA Capital Federal - ar

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Thank you for your kind message! We are proudly working!

Hi Andy,

thank you for your nice comments! Please use our on-line sheet metal tool and please, let us know if you find any issue or error. No issue or error is minor!

User comments help us keep working and doing our best!

Thank you again!

    Author: LITIO
    Portoroz, Primorska - si