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Unveiling Aluminum's Secrets - Four facts You Should Know


Today I will deal with Aluminum, which is not that popular as low carbon steel in sheet metal fabrication, but it is still a good choice to consider in lots of cases.

You need to know, that Aluminum is the world's most abundant metal, and holds significant importance in various industries. It is important to understand its unique properties in order to benefit from its potential.

Optimal Choice: 5052 Aluminum
For sheet metal fabrication, 5052 aluminum is often preferred over 6061 due to its availability in sheets and enhanced ductility. It reduces the risk of cracking during tight radius forming, hems, or offsets, making it the ideal choice.

Affordability and Versatility
Aluminum is cost-effective, as it is less expensive to buy in sheet form compared to other metals. Its rust-proof nature eliminates the need for additional coatings. Moreover, aluminum offers a wide range of finishing options, including anodizing and chromating.

Expertise Required for Welding
Welding aluminum is more challenging due to its high thermal conductivity and the oxide layer on aluminum alloys. Specialized equipment and expertise are necessary to achieve complete fusion during welding. Consider alternative fastening methods when efficiency and cost-effectiveness are crucial.

Gauges and Weight Differences
Aluminum follows a different gauge system (Brown & Sharpe Gauge) compared to steel and stainless steel. It is essential to understand the disparities in gauge measurements. Additionally, aluminum weighs approximately one-third less than steel, impacting the overall weight of your designs.

By familiarizing yourself with aluminum, you can maximize its potential in your projects. From choosing the right grade for fabrication to understanding its cost-effectiveness, versatility in finishing, welding complexities, and gauge variations, aluminum proves to be a versatile and valuable metal for a wide range of applications.
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