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Working with DXF downloaded from our online unfolding software page


In this post I will explain the layer organization of the DXF files you download from our online sheet metal platform. This will help you use the files in your sheet metal fabrication process: pattern cutting, forming (rolling, bending), and welding.

Layer 3D: for the Unleash the Power of Visualization
the '3D' layer contains the 3D representations of your finished patterns; this layer’s entities are 3D meshes in blue color, and they provide a visual preview of your final product.

Layer 2D: Unfold Your Precision Patterns
The '2D' layer is where you'll find unfolded pattern contours, ready for laser, oxy-fuel, plasma cutting. The entities in this layer are 2D polylines in black color. Use them for precise and efficient fabrication, bringing your sheet metal designs to life.

Layer 2Dref: Aiding Bending and Folding
The '2Dref' layer contains auxiliary lines to assist you in the bending and folding processes. These 2D meshes in red color, provide valuable guidance, ensuring accurate and seamless sheet metal shaping.

Layer Txt: Annotate and Document
The 'txt' layer contains all texts, annotations, and documentation. These are text entities in red color, with pattern names, calculation dates, user input parameters, settings at the moment of the pattern creation. This layer communicates vital information and specifications.

Layer Ref: Guiding with Point References
The 'ref' layer contains point references, cyan-colored; they acta as markers, for locating the centers of 3D piece ends and providing other useful references.

We will publish a video about the subject in our Youtube channel.
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