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New patterns on our online development software for sheet metal fabrication


We have added three new patterns to our online software for development unfolder for sheet metal fabrication.

Two more branches have been added and a new triple Y. The new patterns are:
• branch - one diameter - right angle
• branch - two diameters - right angle
• triple Y - symmetric - round - oblique

For the branches, the existing alternatives ['branch - one diameter – oblique' pattern and 'branch - two diameters - oblique' pattern] would also work for the 'right angle', if the input was A = 90°. Nevertheless, the new alternatives simplifies the input process, since these are patterns that are very frequently used in sheet metal fabrication.

The third one ['triple Y - symmetric - round - oblique'] is similar to the existing 'triple Y - symmetric - round' pattern, but instead of having the 3 top round ends in one plane, that is parallel to the X-Y plane, the new pattern has the 3 top ends at a right angle with the base-to-top axis. This pattern is completely new and cannot be produced with another one, with changed inputs.

We will be adding new patterns periodically.
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