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Enhancements to our online Sheet Metal Unfolding Software: DXF object placement


We have made some further improvements to our online Sheet Metal Unfolding Software for sheet metal fabrication.

One significant enhancement we've implemented is the placement of unfolded patterns in the DXF files. With this improvement, there will no longer be any issues due to superposition with the 3D object representation.
This was pending (and was just implemented) for the following patterns:
* straight cone,
* hopper,
* helix and helix side (lateral helix),
* branches,
* elbows and Ys with a base [in all following cases: round to round, cone to cylinder, cylinder to cone, and cone to cone]
* S pipes

The other big enhancement is the placement of the hole relative to the main in the branch pattern. And while addressing this issue we also identified and rectified another (minor) issue: the 2D-hole representation on the main pipe was slightly bigger (stretched) on the X axis, of what it really should be (this error was only of the order of a fraction of the thickness, though).

Finally, we have added the reference points for the forementioned patterns (for which these reference points were still missing), on center of pattern ends. These points help to handle the 3D representations and place and align them to other 3D objects, to create 3D pipe assembly representations.

With the enhanced DXF object distribution in our online Sheet Metal Unfolding Software, we have eliminated superposition issues, enabling seamless sheet metal fabrication processes. Additionally, the correction of the 2D-hole representation on the main pipe adds further accuracy to the generated DXF files.

Whether you are working with straight cones, hoppers, helixes, branches, elbows, or Ys with a base, our software ensures precise and accurate unfolded patterns.
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