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DXF of sheet metal patterns with entities located on separate layers


We're excited to announce that we've made some significant improvements to our online sheet metal unfolding software platform! Our DXF file, which is downloadable after the user enters their pattern's parameters, now includes even more useful information to make your manufacturing process smoother and more efficient.

One of the most significant changes is that each type of CAD entity is now located on a separate layer. This is a big improvement over the previous version, where all DXF entities were in the same layer.

* 3D representation now in a layer called '3D' [color: blue]
* Flat pattern contour is now located in a layer called '2D' [color: black/white]
* Flat pattern as a mesh, with auxiliary bending lines for bending/rolling reference is now in layer '2Dref' [color: red]
* Texts such as pattern name, list of input parameters, settings, and flat pattern thickness indication are now in layer 'txt' [color: red]
* Point references (the center points of the 3D object ends) are now in a layer called 'ref' [color: magenta]

This change makes it incredibly easy for users to lock, block, hide, freeze, or perform any other CAD layer functions that they need to do. For example, if a user only needs to work on the 3D representation, they can simply lock or freeze the other layers to prevent any accidental modifications. Similarly, if a user wants to focus on the flat pattern contour, they can hide the 3D representation layer and work solely on the '2D' layer.

We believe these changes will greatly enhance our users' experience with our platform, making it even easier to produce accurate, high-quality sheet metal components. Whether you're a seasoned manufacturer or just starting out, our software can help you save time and money while achieving excellent results.

Thank you for choosing our platform, and we hope you enjoy these improvements!
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