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Choosing the Right Bending Radius in Sheet Metal Forming


Selecting the appropriate bending radius is an essential aspect of designing precision sheet metal parts. It not only ensures the structural integrity of the formed part but also enables quick, accurate, and cost-effective sheet metal fabrication.

It is important to avoid common mistakes when determining the bend radius of a formed part. For instance, avoid using a bend radius that standard tooling cannot create, as this will require custom tooling, which is both costly and time-consuming.

Another common mistake is measuring the inside bend radius the same as the material thickness. Although it may seem like a viable solution (for small thicknesses), it can cause cracking for thicker sheet metal or with metal that are harder than plain steel.

So, what is the best approach? Use the industry standard bend radius for the metal and thickness you are working with. This approach ensures consistent, high-quality parts with solid structural integrity, while saving you both time and money, and eliminating the need for custom tooling.

It is unnecessary to be concerned about changes to the flange length when you adjust the bend radius. Redesigning the bend radius generally does not affect part functionality. The goal should be to keep the range of change as narrow as possible.

The best radius choice is ultimately dependent on your experience and your available tooling. Have you ever measured your bending radii based on the tools (your bending press punches and dies) you use and the sheet metal thickness? This approach may be the best when dealing with bend radius selection.

Additionally, please check the available tables for different materials and thicknesses in the standards, such as DIN 6935 for Cold Bending of Flat Rolled Steel or your metal sheet supplier's recommendation tables, for minimal radii selection to prevent cracking.

Some more on this in a future post.
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