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Enhancing Our Website with Descriptive Text and Tips + longer blog/forum post


I am pleased to announce that we have implemented several key improvements to our website to enhance the user experience and provide our visitors with the best possible content.

Pattern Tips And category descriptions:
One of these improvements is the addition of descriptive text and tips on our pattern pages. This is an important step in helping users select the appropriate pattern category and providing them with additional guidance for parameter input. By doing so, we are empowering our users to make informed decisions and have a more fulfilling experience on our website.

Longer blog/forum post:
Additionally, we have increased the text length for our blog and forum posts from 900 to 2000 characters. This allows us to provide more detailed and comprehensive content to our readers, ensuring that we are delivering the best possible value to them. Our readers can now enjoy more in-depth articles and forum discussions, making their time on our website more informative and engaging.

We are working to continuously improving our website and providing the best possible user experience for our visitors.

Thank you!

    Sentrupert, Dolenjska - si

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