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Some reflections on this matter:

Users do not need a CAD platform, or can just have a very elementary CAD platform as, e.g., AutoCAD lite, to do some minimal additional drafting work to the parts. Usually, the DXF would be used to be loaded into a CAM cutter (laser, plasma, etc.), or be plotted 1 to 1 for manual cutting. No need to have costly 3D modeling programs.

The typical user would be the individual sheet metal workshop owner, or small to medium sheet metal workshops (who maybe are now doing this by hand or hiring a 3rd party for pattern drafting). Bigger workshops could have the 3D modeling program for complex jobs, while working with for the standard patterns.

As mentioned elsewhere on this forum and the website, we are still working on it; please note, that some of the features still need to be activated. Some front end to be improved too.
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