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Sheet metal workshop occupational safety and health risks (II)


Continuing with Sheet metal workshop OS&H risks, when engineering controls cannot be implemented, or in addition to them, consider the following Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

1. earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones, for workers exposed to loud noise

2. dust masks or respirators, for workers exposed to dust and fumes

3. safety glasses, goggles, or face shields, to protect eyes from flying debris

4. welding masks & filters (to protect eyes from heat, intense light and invisible radiation), for welders

4. gloves and arm guards to protect from cuts and burns

5. slip-resistant footwear to reduce the risk of slips and falls

6. laser glasses

Remember, PPE is not a substitute for a safe work environment, but rather a supplement to it.

Proper training, safety procedures and regular maintenance of equipment also play an important role in ensuring the safety of workers.
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