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Sheet metal workshop occupational safety and health risks


I will provide some insights on typical Sheet metal workshop occupational safety and health.

I will start with an quick overview:

The risks include:

1. Noise exposure from power tools and machinery

2. Respiratory hazards from dust and fumes

3. Risk of cuts, lacerations, and punctures from sharp edges and tools

4. Risk of burns from hot metal and welding

5. Risk of slips, trips, and falls from cluttered work areas

To deal with these risks, engineering controls and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) can be implemented.

Engineering controls:

1. Install noise-reducing barriers or enclosures around power tools and machinery

2. Implement a dust and fume extraction system to improve air quality

3. Install guards on machinery to prevent contact with moving parts

4. Provide proper lighting to reduce the risk of falls
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