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Types of operations that take place at a sheet metal workshop

There are several operations that may take place in a sheet metal workshop:

1. Cutting sheet metal to specific sizes and shapes using tools such as shears, snips, saws, and lasers.

2. Bending sheet metal parts using a press brake or a bending machine.

3. Punching and Piercing, to cut holes and other shapes into sheet metal using a punch press.

4. Sheet metal is welded together using various welding methods such as MIG, TIG, and spot welding.

5. Finishing: by polishing or painting.

6. Sheet metal parts are assembled into a final product, using screws, rivets, or other fasteners.

7. CNC machines are used to punch and laser cut sheet metal with high precision and efficiency.

8. Forming: to form sheet metal into complex shapes.

9. Stamping: for specific shapes; a stamping press and a die set is used.

All these operations are done with the help of specialized machines and equipment.
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