Pattern: branch - two diameters - oblique - Dialog - Input parameters

Pattern: branch - two diameters - oblique

Parameter input form


  • Ends 1 & 2 dimensions: External
  • Branches: Ends 3 & 4 dimensions: External
  • Main trimmer surface: Center line
  • Branch trimmed surface: External
  • Branch linear division (ASL): 6
  • Development precision [divisions]: 96
  • DXF text height: 2.5
  • Input and drawing file units: Millimeters

Some tips related to this pattern::

  • When working with branches, ensure that the trimmed/trimmer settings are correct; otherwise, the intersection may not be complete.
  • The wrap-around template option should not be used to create a template for cutting sheet metal and bending/rolling afterwards; they are intended to be made of paper, for wrapping around an existing round pipe, to mark the cutting line.
  • Angle input = 90 (ninety degrees) gives a right angle branch
  • Angle inputs are in degrees.
  • Note that the 3D model/rendering of the main pipe or cone does NOT show the branch hole, while the main 2D development does include the hole.