Pattern: elbow - cylinder - to - cone - Dialog - Input parameters

Pattern: elbow - cylinder - to - cone

Parameter input form


  • Ends 1 & 2 dimensions: External
  • Elbows & Ys contact: Center line
  • Development precision [divisions]: 96
  • DXF text height: 2.5
  • Input and drawing file units: Millimeters

Some tips related to this pattern::

  • Please be aware that the cone section of this pattern is not a true cone; it slightly differs from a cone.
  • It is important to note, that the intersection figure between a cylinder and a cone does not actually exist.
  • Unlike with the cone-to-cone elbow or Y, the cone section of the pattern does not exactly conform to the geometry of a cone. (It has a slight ovalization on the intersection side)
  • Angle inputs are in degrees.